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Los Angeles Logo Design

Your company logo is the first – and sometimes only – opportunity to tell people what you can do for them. On a business card, letterhead, building sign or yellow pages ad, a professionally designed logo says your company is established and credible.

All of the custom business logos we design share the following qualities:

  • The logo is simple, not overly complex or ornate.
  • It looks good in black and white as well as color
  • It’s easy to read at all sizes
  • It incorporates design elements that reflect your business.

When is the best time to contemplate a new logo?
When your business has evolved, when you're going after a new market, and when your current logo no longer reflects the tone of feeling you wish to project about your company.

Ready to begin?

Complete our Logo Questionnaire to get us the information we need to get started.

These questions are a starting point for the design of your logo. The more that you can tell us about yourself and your company, the better we can do. Your specific answers will really help us to create the image you have of your business.

Before & After

Halo Industries Fairway Injection Molding Systems, Inc. Material Fabricators, Inc. Rigiflex Technology, Inc. Vintage Cellars Sonic Machine+Tool DK/Amans Valve Combo Alluminum Products Cal Fasteners Incorporated Anderson Industries Artsons Wire Manufacturing Jones Broadband International COR Security, Inc. Marburg

Custom logo designs

Underwater Gallery American Home Systems Craig Michaels Silica Surf Co. Tiger Landscaping & Tree Services Pacific Aerospace Consulting Suite Source Allcare Design/Build Inc. Pacific Coast Bolt Corporation Metcraft Enterprises, Inc. Advanced Industrial Computer Systems All County Fire Graphiglass Nichols Innovation Cunningham Painting Fertile Ground Fertile Ground