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A brochure or catalog is a powerful selling tool, ideal as a leave-behind or direct mail piece. It lets you tell the story of your company and explain your products and services in greater detail. Trifold, bifold, full color or black and white, the right combination of effective design and copy reinforces your sales message and compels a potential customer to call. Does your company literature work this hard for you? If not, give us a call.

What do people look at in print materials?

They look at headlines.
The headline should distill your message in to a short statement that encourages readership of the body text. Don't be cute or clever with headlines, though. Give them your most important information right up front. The reason is because people do an unconscious screening of your company that takes less than 10 seconds. In that amount of time they emotionally decide whether to read on or not. If you don't get your key point across quickly and directly, you may get passed by.

They look at subheads, bulleted text or short lists.
Generally people scan brochures and web sites before they take the time to read paragraphs of text. They look for short bits of information. Subheads and lists make this an easy task. If you can put your key sales messages into a list that can be absorbed quickly, you'll be ahead of the game.

They look at photo captions.
Captions are simple and easy to read. Years of newspaper reading have taught us that captions under photos contain valuable or descriptive information. So they are a good place to reinforce your key messages. You can seduce people into getting a message in a caption that they might not take the time to read in a large block of text.

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