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Tag Line & Slogan Development

A tag line – also called a slogan – incorporates your company’s most important benefits into a single phrase or sentence for the consumer. A good tag line works on multiple levels of fact, description, promise and emotion.


“We can handle the pressure.”

Client: Hydro Fitting Manufacturing, a specialty valve company

Background: HFM builds aerospace valves that handle much more than standard operating pressure.

Benefits: HFM not only relieves customer stress about mechanical requirements, but also supports engineers who need help with design and engineering.

“Always know who you’re talking to.”

Client: Cimarron Technologies, an electronics manufacturer

Background: Cimarron makes caller-ID for mobile and portable radios.

Benefits: By identifying unknown callers, Cimarron technology eliminates concern about sending messages to the wrong person, creating customer confidence in the technology.

“The most powerful tool we have is listening.”

Client: Allcare Design/Build, a professional service firm

Background: Allcare specializes in home remodeling, a potentially stressful experience for clients.

Benefits: By taking the time to listen carefully, Allcare builds an emotional connection with homeowners and reassures them that their needs will be heard, which in turn reduces their stress level.