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See how we define our specialty in B-to-B and industrial marketing; learn three good reasons to use video now; and watch tips on designing and using print materials.

Sample Client Videos

Videos at a trade show can engage prospects who are either waiting to talk to you or are passing by. Use video to showcase your facility and show operations that would be impractical to see otherwise.

Case Study: Hyspan Ball Joints

Hyspan makes ball joints used in offshore oil platforms. Their function is to maintain a seal while the joint is in flex or rotation or both. They're also used in solar trough collectors. Farms of such collectors are usually found in vast arrays in desert areas to gather solar energy.

To show design engineers how their ball joints work, they built a mock-up of the collector. The machine they built simulates a solar collector and demonstrates how their ball joints would perform.

The goal of this video is to show the flex, range and motion of the ball joint. In the field, ball joints have to be able to circulate liquids with temperatures of up to 752°F under pressures of up to 580psi. This extreme operating range plus the part's critical function means that the selection of the right supplier is critical.

Simply telling engineers about Hyspan's ball joints is one thing. Showing the part in action is far more powerful and convincing. Combine the video demonstration with sales literature and you build a strong case for the Hyspan brand.

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