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Case Study: Cimarron Technologies, Inc.

The Old

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The New

A fresh new look and more tools make the Cimarron Technologies web site easier to use.

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The redesigned user interface has a rich, dark theme that allows the products to stand out clearly. It's a contemporary look that echoes the company's desire to remain an industry leader in its field. Cimarron's branded look, the digital signal bars, now float behind the items and echo the (inevitable) transition to digital processing from analog processing.

We placed their main products on the home page with links so users can find the information easier. On the lower section of each page, we added a site map to let users find pages immediately without going through a series of menus.

A search box was added in the topmost right corner of the page. This will let users find, for example, specific manuals or software without having to hunt around.

We added links that allow users to forward content to others and subscribe to updates automatically. Finally, we added a blog. It's meant to be a forum for conversations that their readers and customers can share in.

The results of the improved site: more visitors. And that helps the bottom line and gets more sales inquiries.

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